Top 6 Most Complex Movies Of All Time

By -  iMediaBuzz Team

Six timelines that change after each scene are followed in the science fiction movie "Cloud Atlas," which was written and directed by Tom Tykwer and The Wachowskis.

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1: Cloud Atlas

The most well-known movie ever made, "A Clockwork Orange," is one that captures your attention and holds it from start to finish.

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2: A Clockwork Orange

The last person on Earth is followed in the movie, who is portrayed by Jared Leto. 

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3: Mr. Nobody

Denis Villeneuve was the director of "Enemy," which starred Jake Gyllenhaal. The persona of Jake happens to be a teacher.

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4: Enemy

We are as amazed by "Donnie Darko as that hip barista at your neighbourhood coffee shop with the Frank the Bunny tattoo is."

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5: A Space Odyssey

The movie follows Leonard Shelby as he looks for the person who murdered and raped his wife.

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6: ‘Memento’