The Greatest Beer Run Ever’ Review

The filmmaker's follow-up to his Oscar-winning 'Green Book' tells a quirky true story and also stars Russell Crowe and Bill Murray.

When filmmaker Peter Farrelly last attended the Toronto International Film Festival in 2018.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever

Inspired by the unlikely but true story of a working class New York Merchant Marine who boarded a ship bound for Saigon in 1967 with the sole intention of bringing his deployed buddies beer in order to lift their spirits, the new project

The result is a meandering, disjointed production that struggles throughout to find a satisfying tone.

Wanting to do his bit for his pals’ morale, Chickie hops on a cargo ship with no plans other than to distribute the now toasty cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon from his seemingly bottomless duffle bag, then simply turn around and head back home.

Anxious to find a way back to his ship, Chickie initially poses as a CIA agent to help facilitate his departure, only to witness a darker side of the conflict he was never meant to see.