Top 10 Horror Movies Ranked in 2022

Top 10 Horror Movies Ranked in 2022

There have been a lot of new horror films that have been great in the past few years. While some deserve sequels, others should be stand-alone films.

The most lucrative films that can be made into franchises today are comic-book movies. There’s always been a space for horror franchises in the theater, be it an endless stream of slasher remakes like Friday the 13th or an interconnected universe like Cloverfield.

Top 10 Horror Movies Ranked in 2022

1: The Real Leprechaun

2018 Leprechaun returned in 2018. Leprechaun returned as part of Leprechaun Returns. Usually, it would be a cause for celebration with Lep’s fans. However, there was a major issue: Lep wasn’t portrayed by Warwick Davis.

Davis’s lively and enthusiastic style created Leprechaun Leprechaunseries, the ultimate cult beloved despite Lep having two shaky sequels to it, and the latest installment does not have this same charm.

With the long-awaited sequels to horror films on the rise, Davis has never had a better moment to conclude Lep’s epic saga.

2: Paranormal Activity


Films with found footage have been around for a long time. However, Paranormal Activityarguably brought its popularity skyrocket.

The movie’s success in the first brought about five sequels, all of which decreased in terms of quality with each release. The Paranormal Activity series is struggling, but the footage has been discarded.

With a few exceptions, low-budget films have been criticized as cheap cash straps that are completely identical. There is talk of the seventh Paranormal Activity, but perhaps this trend should die out and begin with the one who started the whole thing.

3: The Original Child’s Play

The story of The Child’s Play movies is an odd one. The original show is in progress and will be followed in a forthcoming series and an update this year, likely to result in sequels.

The reboot isn’t without merits and strengths; however, its very existence is at risk of obscuring an enduring story that is yet to close.

The episodes in the Cult of Chuckyended with an enthralling cliffhanger that leaves Charles Lee Ray free for the second time, and his murder streak deserves a fitting end before the next generation is born.

4: Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers is one of the most well-known and original horror franchises of the decade. It’s a trilogy (at present) about flying cannibals who awake each 23rd year.

Jeepers Creepers 3 was poorly produced, and received that it shattered any anticipation for the sequel it was preparing.

The third film was filled mainly with watered-down kills that lacked the predecessors’ suspense. It’s one of the series that lost momentum, which is extremely difficult to overcome.

5: Hellraiser

The production process that is the Hellraisermovies is a disaster. Except for the first two films, the Hellraiser series has nearly nothing to do with its founder Clive Barker.

The renowned horror writer composed the two first films and directed the first film, but he could not take creative control of the series after that.

To say that the sequels failed to grasp the purpose of Barker’s concept is an overstatement since they turned his distinctive Gothic vision into standard gore-filled slasher films. ThReturnrn to form is underway, at least with Barker returning to the fold.

6: The Amityville Horror(s)

It was indeed an Amityville movie that was released in the year 2018… just a year following another Amityville movie that was released in 2017, following several years of delays.

Amityville movies were a hit. Amityville movies changed from being decent haunted houses film to becoming a cliché that was their own.

The stories in these films are always about an unhappy family that moves into the legendary spooky home. They are terrorized and killed later. If a group of talented filmmakers is in charge, Amityville movies will likely be left in obscure cinema.

7: The Evil Dead

Contrary to most horror movies, The Evil Dead, unlike other horror movies, The Evil Dead boasts an original and solid franchise and a well-crafted reboot. This Evil Dead remake may be a little more severe than we expected.

However, it is a worthy sequel after director Feed Alvarez demonstrated what he could do with his talents.

The first The Evil Dead trilogy continued with Ash vs. Evil Dead, which ended after three seasons. Ash Williams’ story closes with an ambiguous conclusion, but it’s somewhat lacking.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an interlude with the current generation or a decision; Ash deserves a good final shot.

8: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The horrifying aspect of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre lies in how little information is available concerning Leatherface and his notorious cannibal family. Yet, the series continues to add prequels and reboots, which do nothing but expose their past stories. In the case of this series, it must stop producing the origin stories and restarts that which no one requested.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre needs additional sequels since it’s known for releasing some of the most bizarre sequels in the history of horror. Because the filmmakers were obsessed with exploring Leather face’s childhood, we’ll likely see something insanely odd, such as the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

9: Friday the 13 th

In contrast to other horror reboots from the 2000s, Friday the 13 13thwas really good and even fantastic. It gave life to Jason Voorhees and introduced the staple slasher murderer to a new generation of viewers, effectively modernizing his legend in ways, unlike the futuristic guilty enjoyment Jason failed.

An additional installment (or another one) has been worked on since 2009. However, the legal battles of the series brought everything to a halt to a halt. The genre of horror that we have today is in desperate need of old-fashioned horror, which is something Jason can bring to the table.

10: A Nightmare on Elm Street

While Friday The 13 13thdid its job back in 2009, The Nightmare on Elm Street failed catastrophically in 2010. Despite Jackie Earle Haley’s most exemplary efforts as Freddy Kruger, the Elm Street remake was a dull retread, lacking any of the series’ signature terror, imagination, or enjoyment.

There are rumors about a remake; however, thankfully, New Line Cinema is occupied with The Conjuring movies. Additionally, as famous as he is, Freddy, the killer with a shape-shifting face who preys upon fearful children, is being re-invented in the recent Pennywise from The movies, which makes hiReturnrn even more unlikely.

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