Co-Stars Who Hated Each Other In Real Life

Co-Stars Who Hated Each Other In Real Life

Sometimes, co-stars refer to each other as second-generation family members. A few of them may even be able to fall in the love of their lives. In other instances, their relationships(opens in a new tab) can be pretty turbulent once the cameras are off.

The feuds between co-stars are one of the most secretive things in Hollywood, but when actors can finally talk about their feelings about their co-stars on set, things start to get fascinating.

From celebrities who fled in terror when they kissed(opens in a new tab)their co-stars to those who left the show at the end of the season to avoid having to speak with each other again, the co-stars ahead of them didn’t meet behind the scenes.

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

According to The Notebook director Nick Cassavetes, Gosling and McAdams (who would later develop an IRL relationship) had a bad relationship on the set. A few days after an off day from the set, the two actors sat the conversation in private, and things changed. It was kind of.

“They weren’t having a good time on a particular day. They were not. It was when Ryan was at me, and 150 people were watching the middle of the stage, and Ryan told me: ‘Nick, come over to join me,'” Cassavetes said.

“And Ryan is doing an act that he’s doing with Rachel and he asks, “Would you like to get her out of the room and invite an actress who reads the camera scene?’ replied”What?’ And he replies, ‘I’m not able to. I’m not able to do it with her. I’m getting nothing out of this.’

“We were in the room with a producer. They began screaming and shouting at one another,” the director explained. “I left. At this point, I was smoking cigarettes.

I smoked a cigarette. Everyone was like, “All right, let’s have this. It improved after that, You know? The group was able to let it all be taken out. I’m sure Ryan was impressed with her for being a strong advocate for her integrity, and Rachel was delighted to see it out there.”

Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio

Claire and Leo might have been love interests In the Baz Luhrmann version of Romeo + Juliet; however, the rumor is that their rapport on the set was not gorgeous. According to the gossip mill, Danes were averse to DiCaprio everywhere they went.

It appears that Danes did not like DiCaprio’s humor and pranks while filming and, in fact, described him as “very inexperienced” to other people on set.

Anne Hathaway and James Franco

The Howard Stern Show the Howard Stern Show, Franco referred to his fellow 2011 Oscar co-host as the “goody with two feet” and was unable to back her up when the host spoke about the Hatha-Haters.

Hathaway did not respond by making a sloppy weirdo artwork about the feud.

Stern started the story by telling us, “Everyone sort of dislikes Anne Hathaway, and I’ve admitted that I am too and I don’t even know how to explain it.

Anne Hathaway is just so affected and actress-y that when she is awarded an award, she’s breathless And then she’s got the typical joke that seems to have been written for her. The whole thing seems written and performed.“

Other co-stars could have come out in support of Hathaway or perhaps apologized about the sweet, loving person she could be (supposedly).

However, Franco was quick to say, “I’m not an expert on the subject — I think that they’re referred to as ‘Hatha-haters; however, I believe that’s why it happens.” Franco also acknowledged that they don’t often talk at all.

Lea Michele and Naya Rivera

In a bizarre situation of life imitating art, Michele and Rivera’s on-set relationship shifted from cold to UFC after the pair were involved in a “major disagreement” on the set.

It’s doubtful that this could have been one of their most memorable singing-offs. In another instance, both sides claimed one was removed from the stage for behavior that resembled a diva; however, the jury isn’t out on the details of what happened.

Then, rumors circulated that Michele and Chris Colfer were conspiring to have Rivera and Darren Criss booted from the show. The cherry on top was that Lea Michele had Rivera written out of the show after the fifth season.

Alec Baldwin and Shia LaBeouf

LaBeouf tried to spark an argument between himself and her Orphansco-star, Alec Baldwin (a master at conflict), by tweeting that “the theater does not belong to the famous but to the loud” and “acting isn’t just for gentlemen.

What you do in the theater is contrary to art.” Baldwin replied, “I don’t think he’s in a good position to provide interpretations about what theater is or isn’t.” LaBeouf was ultimately dismissed because of “creative divergences.

Ryan Reynolds and Wesley Snipes

The shooting of Blade: Trinity has become the stuff of film geek legend. According to EVERYONE working on the filming, Wesley Snipes was an absolute nut. He was the only one who spoke to the director with handwritten notes that were signed “Blade” (RIGHT? ) He only came for his closeups, leaving the nice guy Ryan Reynolds to film his scenes by himself.

Reynolds wasn’t the sole person to receive the brunt of Snipes’ actions. As per Co-star Patton Oswalt, Snipes said to the director David Goyer, “‘I believe you should quit.

It’s a travesty to the film”. And according to Goyer’s reaction, it was “Why should you stop? We’ve obtained all your closeups and can shoot the rest using your stand-in.

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey

Minaj and Carey became part of Idol on the show in 2013, which soon sparked the escalating rivalry reported in the media. The fight (both on and off the screen) intensified when Minaj said that Carey was a “bitter unsecure, vulnerable female” and Minaj was adamant about her not having a number. 1 single.

Carey later admitted that her stint in the program was not pleasurable. “Honestly I was a bit numb,” Mimi said, saying the following “It was like having to work every single day and living in the abyss with Satan.” Oh, no.

William Shatner and George Takei

If you’re a huge fan of Star Trek and did not know the fact that George Takei and William Shatner disliked one another You’ve been either stuck in a time-warp or in the cave.

It’s unclear when the feud started; Shatner thinks the whole affair started with a close to the original show, While Takei thinks Shatner is insecure about his popularity. It seems that you can live long and enjoy success with an unresolved grudge.

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