10 Movies to Watch If You Liked the Halloween Reboot

10 Movies to Watch If You Liked the Halloween Reboot

Halloween reboot isn’t just the one slasher-like film in the world. When it was a few years ago, when you asked someone about Halloween, they would probably have declared it to be an old but worn-out horror movie that was not particularly relevant to the modern horror scene.

However, that occurred before when that Halloween reboot hit the market. Here are ten options to check out if you are a fan of the Halloween series.

1: Psycho

What better way to begin our list than the classic Slasher film? Halloween drew influence from Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece film, somewhat a bit.

The haunting scores, the creepy killer, and the stunning blonde leading lady are all essential elements in the classic movie. The weapon of choice appears like something you’ve seen before.

There’s something Hitchcock does in Carpenter’s films. The story is more mysterious than scary; there’s no bloodshed, and most of the effects come from lighting and angle. Add Norman bats in an eerie mask over his mother’s outfit, and you’ll get Michael Myers.

2: Friday the 13th Series

In the absence of Michael Myers, there’d be Jason Voorhees without him. Although Michael was not an unstoppable zombified madman, he and Jason are fond of cutting up teens with a knife at certain times of the year, aren’t they not?

As Halloween took an enormous influence from Psycho, Friday 13thtook a tremendous amount of inspiration from Halloween.

Jason may be a little more overpowered, and his Series has transformed how people view horror films. People were gnashing their teeth on the first Halloween to watch Laurie Strode escape her brother’s twisted ways.

The viewers are rooting for Jason just like they do for Godzilla. Don’t be discouraged; most people are victims of Jason’s wrath, machete-wielding scum.

This isn’t talking about the silly 3-D remake. The 1981 Canadian killing-fest takes another holiday into horror territory with the maniacal Miner and plenty of bloody hearts. It’s not a holiday, but Harry Warden could allow Jason Voorhees to make a.

While it’s full of many horror clichés, the film certainly does something different in its characters and the methods of killing. The Miner’s appearance and weapon are basic but frightful, similar to the masked Mike from the Halloween movie. It’s an underrated film that deserves more attention.

4: Urban Legend

Although it may appear as a typical 90s teenage scream film at first, Urban Legends is quite an innovative and intriguing slasher film.

While its hooded killer may not be as compelling as Jason and Michael Myers, the concept of urban legends used as murder themes is impressive in its execution. We’re pretty sure this one did not cut at the time, and even in 1998.

With a lead role for then-rising star Jared Leto and more than the usual horror genres, Urban Legend needs to be allowed to re-enter the market. In all honesty, it’s not like we don’t understand why it is snubbed. An ax and a parka are not the kinds of villains that classic movies create.

5: Scream

Many times imitated but never duplicated; The first film is an icon of the 90s horror. The Late Wes Craven created it; the film turned the slasher genre on its head, being self-aware and humorous in its script. Although it may seem somewhat cliché today, that was the idea behind the entire film.

Ghostface is now the most popular Halloween movie, with numerous costumes and variations every year for many children who want to trick or treat. While all the subsequent films, with the possible exception of Scream 4, get somewhat repetitive, the original remains a timeless icon.

6: The Funhouse

The film is the absolute definition of an under-appreciated horror classic. The legend made it. Tobe Hooper Funhouse is Funhouseis, an extremely scary fright-fest featuring one of the world’s largest carnivals, a spooky funhouse, and a disfigured monster with blood lust. It’s certainly not a popular film, but it’s worth watching.

With a vibrant yet dark atmosphere, a creepy 80s look, and unique effects on creatures and makeup created by Rick Baker, The Funhouse is a terrifying and enjoyable film you must watch next Halloween season. You can tell Michael to make space for Gunther.

7: You’re Next

being trapped in a house with one demented killer in a creepy white mask is one thing, but try facing off against a team of them with a variety of traps and weapons. you’re next puts a twist on the classic slasher formula by giving us a smarter collection of victims and a more cunning assortment of villains.

The plot is suspenseful, the kills are gruesome, and the cast isn’t just a bowl of stereotypes for the masked assailants to pick off one by one. there’s a more natural flow to the film, but it’s still carrying the slasher flick torch. give it a watch and judge for yourself.

8: The Shining

If you’re looking for a truly fantastic film that features a psychotic murderer, Look no further than Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

The film is among the most famous icons of horror cinema and is frequently referenced by pop culture more often than you could ever swing an ax at. The suspenseful images and terror makes it stand in line for Halloween.

Though it lacks the hack-and-slash elements of John Carpenter’s classic, the sheer terror that Stephen King created in his Overlook Hotel is enough to cause you to have nightmares for several days. Additionally, the fact that there is nothing else makes Mike the protagonist a boring one.

9: Clownhouse

The film is a bit frightening, especially if you are familiar with the fame that Victor Salva has earned.

This film is still great to watch on Halloween Night. Clown house essentially Halloween, you swap Haddonfield in exchange for the circus and Michael Myers for a trio of escapees dressed in costumes stolen from a clown. The idea of escapees from madmen was not enough; here’s a scary alternative.

The main characters are children, and the villains are terrifying. The suspense and the terrors are tangible at best. The film takes its time delivering the terror and gives the 80s-inspired horror flick that keeps us in a state of shock. For those interested in the movie, it’s free on YouTube.

10: Trick or Treat

While there’s no horror slasher, strictly speaking, Trick or Treat absolutely is a scream of Halloween-themed horror. There are jack-o’-lanterns on every corner and costumes, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and screens filled with black and orange. The film is not devoid of tricks or sweets to satisfy the eyes of any fan of the genre.

A new twist on the anthology-film formula, Michael Dougherty’s Christmas horror film is undoubtedly something lovers who love Halloween could feel proud about.

It’s almost an ode to the season, even with a nod to John Carpenter’s legendary horror style. If you haven’t seen this film and you’re not enjoying a fantastic night of fun.

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