Should you Outsource Your SEO Content?

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A recent guest post really caught my attention: Outsource SEO Content or Train Your Team: How to Choose by Heather Lloyd-Martin (owner of  SuccessWorks) and posted by Bruce Clay, Inc. on his blog. This is a “real life” dilemma that many small and medium size companies face.  “Should we hire out for our SEO Content (Search Engine Optimization) or train our own team?”  That’s the question.

Heather makes the point that training staff that’s already overworked might be counter-productive. And… while training you own own staff is an investment,  it takes time and practice before you’re proficient.  Time is money and their time may be better spent on tasks they already do efficiently — hire out the writing and save time AND money.

What is YOUR Content Strategy?

Today, content strategies require compelling, SEO-savvy writing that engages your readers and moves them along the path to purchasing your product or service.  Part of that strategy means spreading the message across multiple platforms to reach audiences “where they live.” Professional writers know how to speak to a specific audience in the tone and style that interests them. It’s not as simple as posting your current print brochure’s text  online and hoping that does the job.

Here’s an idea that might work for your budget AND your staff:  Can you build a relationship with a freelance writer who understands your company brand and can be called upon to be a “part time member of your team” going forward? It’s certainly more affordable than hiring an agency each time,  you’ll  have continuity of tone and style and the relationship is already known.

Whenever you decide to release a report, post case studies or create a press release, your freelancer will already be familiar with your products and services, your target audience and even your staff members he/she will be working with. You’ll build an on-going working relationship.  

Whatever works best for your budget and writing challenges, be sure to consider the cost, the time, what other priorities come first with your staff and who you can rely on to “write your stuff.” 


About the Author:   Deb Ward is owner and founder of iMedia Buzz, Inc. which offers SEO Copywriting, Keyword Search, and Content Creation to small businesses. 

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